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Outing Oneself Appropriately

By Elisabeth Anderson As a bisexual woman in a monogamous marriage to a man, in a community with few “out” people (I am a staff member at a small private school with no current members in its queer student organization), I...

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Strange Women

By Catherine Darwen They’re not perfect, They mess up sometimes when giving advice and then back-pedaling ensues. They’re not perfect, They put their foot in it And then apologise profusely For experiencing curiosity. They’re...

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Bi Women Quarterly

Bi Women Quarterly is a grassroots publication produced by the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. We have been in continuous publication since 1983, and are the oldest bisexual+ women’s publication in the world, with an international readership.


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Fall 2022: Parenting While Bi+

Winter 2023: Bodily Autonomy, Privacy, & Feminism

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