Interested in being published in the Bi Women Quarterly? 


Please read through the guidelines before submitting and include all requested information in your submission.

BWQ features the voices of women with bi+ sexualities (i.e., bi, pan, fluid, and other non-binary sexualities). We see “woman” as a broad category with space for an array of gender identities and expressions. We welcome contributions from bi+ women who identify as trans, non-binary, cis, and beyond.

We welcome news articles about current issues and events, creative writing, musings, book reviews, calendar listings, letters to the editor, visual art (photos and drawings), poetry, and more.

Please submit your words in a word document (.doc, docx or .rtf) or in the body of an email. Use single spacing, 11 pt fount in EB Garamond (or closest available font). Please do not send pdfs. Different spacing and formatting is okay if submitting poetry but please use EB Garamond if possible. Images should be high resolution and submitted electronically in .jpg or .png format.

You may mail images to our post office box (PO Box 301727, Jamaica Plain MA 02130). If you wish to have your artwork returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

BBWN and Robyn Ochs, Editor reserve the right to reprint your work in current and future related publications, in print and/or online. We will attempt to notify you in advance if we do so. You retain ownership of your work and may re-use it, provided that its previous appearance in the Bi Women Quarterly is noted, along with our website (e.g., “This piece previously appeared in the Bi Women Quarterly (at”).

Note that Bi Women Quarterly is a print and online publication. Newsletters are sent via mail and then posted online in both magazine and PDF format on 

Submission length: there is no minimum length. Maximum length: 1500 words. Please do not send pieces over this count unless requested by the editor. Mail all submissions and pitches to

Before submitting your writing, please run it though spell check and grammar check. Consider, too, asking a friend or two to read your piece for you and provide feedback.

Please include the following at the top of your submission:

Your name:
Your email address:
Your Twitter or other social media handles (if public):
Your name as you wish it to appear in the newsletter (you may use a pseudonym or modify your actual name):
Name of the piece you are submitting:
A short, 1 to 2 sentence, 3rd person bio (ie: Robyn Ochs is the editor of BWQ) to follow your piece: 

Finally, you are encouraged — but not required — to submit a photo with your work. Photos should be at least 600x600px, and have good contrast. This can be a headshot of yourself or an image relevant to your piece that you have the rights to use.