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—sad, but don’t lose hope

by Carol E. Moses Carol E Moses is a visual artist living in Massachusetts. Moses does painting, drawing, and portrait photography/interview series. Hercurrent project is “Image & Interview: Meeting with Bulgaria,” in the...

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Abstract 25

By Jo-Anne Carlson Abstract 25. Acrylic piece by Jo-Anne Carlson Jo-Anne Carlson is a writer, artist, and musician who believes that who you love, how you love, and how many you love, shouldn’t matter

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Reflection 2

Acrylic, 16” x 20” on canvas board, by Jo-Anne Carlson Jo-Anne Carlson is a writer, artist, and musician. She loves hearing from friends and meeting new people, so feel free to drop her a line at...

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About Joni Moore

“Finite” These photographs are part of “Smoke and Mirrors,” a collection of artwork by Joni Moore that examines the layers of oneself. Do we see ourselves through mirrors – and whose mirrors are those? The...

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Bi Women Quarterly

Bi Women Quarterly is a grassroots publication produced by the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. We have been in continuous publication since 1983, and are the oldest bisexual+ women’s publication in the world, with an international readership.


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