still bi

Sep 1, 2023 | 2023 Fall - Bi+ Joy

By Becki Smith


“still bi” (2022, acrylics and posca pens on paper) is an artwork inspired by the artist’s wedding last year. It shows a couple driving into the sunset in an open-topped car. One is wearing a top hat, the other has a veil and a bouquet, and the number plate of their car reads, “still bi.” Much has been said about so-called “straight passing” relationships, and it is certainly true that couples who appear to conform to heteronormativity face less discrimination. In fact it is because of the challenges faced by the rest of our community that we queer people in M-F relationships and marriages need to stay visible, refute assumptions about what and who bi+ people are, and stand in solidarity with others.

Becki Smith is a multimedia artist from Wales who uses her art to explore themes of belonging, identity, neurodivergence and mental health. She shares and sells her art under the moniker Creatrix Cymraes; see more at and


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