By Buffy Lee

At 19, an ex-girlfriend outed me to my dad.
“I won’t tell your mom,” I heard him sigh.
Revealing to me how society would see,
But regardless, I would always be #StillBi.

I bore two children in my late 20s.
So blessed by both, I could only cry.
I grasped hold of my mother’s instinct,
As they began to grow? Yes, #StillBi.

Now at 44, divorced to more than one man,
Numerous boyfriends too, I won’t lie.
But between them all, always girlfriends,
Even when with only one gender, I’m #StillBi.

No matter the direction my life has led me,
Or even will to come, before I die.
This I know, I’ll always love the soul,
Man or woman, I’m always #StillBi

Buffy Lee is a single mother of two, committed to community leadership and volunteering in her hometown. Her passion for writing poetry is often felt in the emotions her poetry creates in the reader.

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