Current Issue: Bodies

Editor’s Note

Dear Community, The prompt for this issue was: “bodies—our own bodies, our embodied connections,...

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By Mycah Katz First it was an injection The nurse telling me she wanted to be part of my journey But the suicidal thoughts were like an anvil I couldn’t stop The gel was gentler sometimes my mind was calmer But every moment of...

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Three Poems by Elise Salsman

Our Lady, Star of the Sea I, the derelict and the mother You, the faithful The oblation of my body is common thought And common law. All this hungry world does is affirm me, My breast buds, your eucharist; This immaculate heart...

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My Neighbor

By Mariya Shcherbinina I never got help until it was too late. In fact, The one who got help was my mom. The doctor said I didn’t have to come if I didn’t want to And I gladly grabbed on to that brief liberation In time of...

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A Form(ing) of Love

By D. W. I wanted my body to get away from me I was tired of living in a crime scene My skin didn’t feel like mine anymore I am not sure it ever did I always felt like I was playing dress up Wearing the echoes of society’s...

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Bi Women Quarterly

Bi Women Quarterly is a grassroots publication produced by the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. We have been in continuous publication since 1983, and are the oldest bisexual+ women’s publication in the world, with an international readership.


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