Summer 2023: Bi+ History

What do you know about the history of the bi+ movement, as distinct from the LGBTQ+ movement? What are the significant historic achievements that we should remember? What about your own bi history? Share the first bi pride activity you participated in, the significant bi person in history whose life you’ve admired. Interview a bi elder. Reviews books or other media that reflect bi lives through the years. Plus, share your photos, artwork, or poetry that capture those important bi moments in your or our community history. Submit by May 1, 2023.

Fall 2023: Bi+ Joy

What experiences make you feel euphoric and affirmed in your bi+ identity? How has community belonging (or the struggle to find belonging) influenced your journey? How does your bi+ joy intersect with your other identities? Review books, shows, and other media that have wooed you. Share your poetry, essays, artwork, and other sparks of bi+ joy. Submit by August 1, 2023 

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