May 31, 2024 | 2024 Summer - More than One Letter

By Ami Rathmill

Artist’s statement: Although I came out as a lesbian 24 years ago because I knew I was attracted to women, I was also attracted to men. I presumed this was normal, having no idea that bisexuality was an option—where I grew up you were either straight or gay. Was I both? I have now been openly bisexual for many years and been married to my husband for 14. Every day I struggle with bi erasure and shame. I created this artwork, choosing tulips because they contain both male and female reproductive organs and are known as bisexual flowers, to help me celebrate a part of myself I sometimes struggle to feel connected to and proud of. But I am proud, and we all should be, because being bisexual is beautiful.

Ami is a 39-year-old bisexual woman from Kent, United Kingdom. She is a wife, mother, and artist. 

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