Strange Women

Jun 19, 2021 | 2020 Fall - Out at Work, Poetry

By Catherine Darwen

They’re not perfect,
They mess up sometimes
when giving advice and
then back-pedaling ensues.

They’re not perfect,
They put their foot in it
And then apologise profusely
For experiencing curiosity.

They’re not perfect,
And don’t always agree
With some snarky remark
You’ve made about someone.

They’re not perfect,
They have their own lives
And own interests that
Extend beyond your bubble.

They’re not perfect,
They’re human and raw,
And have faults like yours
Which makes them real.

They’re not perfect,
No, so far from it.
But they love you.
And that means everything.

Catherine Darwin writes: ‘Strange Women’ was written about my female support group, as a reminder to myself we’re all struggling through things, but love unites us.”

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