Coming Out, Creatively

Jun 19, 2021 | 2020 Fall - Out at Work

By Martine Mussies

Strictly speaking, I did not come out at work—I keep coming out through my work. While researching sexuality in mermaid stories as well as in King Alfred fanfic. When writing about my autism, which is intertwined with my sexuality. And as a musician, when co-organizing and performing at the Gay Sing Inn of our church. As a Dutch girl in Academia, coming out is relatively easy, as the path was paved by Robyn Ochs and many other bisexual activists. Currently, I am enrolled in a graphic design program. One of my “challenges” was to draw myself as a cartoon character. I didn’t hesitate for a second but showed all my zest in my true colors.

Martine Mussies is a Ph.D. candidate at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and a professional musician. Her interests include autism, (neuro)psychology, Japanese martial arts, video games, King Alfred, and science fiction. More:

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