Comic by Why Not Both Co

Jun 21, 2021 | 2019 Spring - Firsts

Why Not Both Co is a bisexual duo consisting of AV and Amanda Wells who create queer webcomics. Follow them on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram @whynotbothco.

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Abstract 25

By Jo-Anne Carlson Abstract 25. Acrylic piece by Jo-Anne Carlson Jo-Anne Carlson is a writer, artist, and musician who believes that who you love, how you love, and how many you love, shouldn’t matter.

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From the Editor: Firsts

Dear Reader, The theme of this issue is “Firsts.” We asked: “What ‘firsts’ have been significant to you? A first awareness, first kiss, first relationship, first sexual experience? A first with someone of a particular gender? A first coming out? Tell us a story about...

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Facing the Fear Dragon

By Becca Flintham — When did you first know? (That I was bisexual. Queer. Attracted to women, to men, to people of all genders.) Coming out isn’t a one-time process. We do it not just for the first time, but over and over, and to different people, at different points...

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