From the Editor: Firsts

May 1, 2019 | 2019 Spring - Firsts, Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

The theme of this issue is “Firsts.” We asked: “What ‘firsts’ have been significant to you? A first awareness, first kiss, first relationship, first sexual experience? A first with someone of a particular gender? A first coming out? Tell us a story about a ‘first’ time, or about the ‘firsts’ you hope to have.”

We are pleased to present you with writing by Alicia González, Alissa Morgan, Ana B. Freeman, Becca Flintham, Beth Innis, Bri Kerschner, J.M. Arrow, Jan Steckel, Jane Barnes, Martine Mussies, Samantha Pious, and two Amandas (Rose and Torres-Lantz).

I interview Spanish bi activist Noelia Mellado Pozas. Shayna Maci Warner reviews Killing Eve, and Casey Lawrence reviews An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.

You will also find artwork by Jo-Anne Carlson and Why Not Both Co, two different takes on the Creating Change Conference, and our calendar of events.

On an administrative note, we give our sincere thanks to all of the folks who supported this project in 2018, either by volunteering or with financial donations. Bi Women Quarterly would not exist without you.

If you find value in these pages, you can make a donation at We offer this resource for free, but it costs us to produce and mail BWQ. Please consider giving a one-time gift, or becoming a monthly sustainer.

~Robyn Ochs

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