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Skirt Club

By Topanga Turk During these times of solitude and isolation, it’s been difficult to stay true to my bisexual self. Without the connections of living in a majorly queer city like San Francisco, going to events and having the...

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Dating Sites

By Jen Bonardi Let’s be clear from the start: this perpetually single lady is no stranger to online dating. Girl, I did online dating back when Al Gore taught the Internet to boom. Just out of college, I had precious little...

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Do Clothes Make the Woman?

By Marcia Deihl Years before I came out, I dressed as a Marlene Dietrich sort of dyke for Halloween. I loved how I felt. Later, I wondered if anyone else had ever dressed up on Halloween as a future self. Wasn’t it just for fun?...

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BLT, Anyone?

By Colleen To look at me, you’d think I wasn’t even queer, but I am. You might think I’m just a standard-issue middle-aged woman who dyes her hair and wears pleasant clothes and not much (if any) makeup, but beneath my...

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Bi Women Quarterly

Bi Women Quarterly is a grassroots publication produced by the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. We have been in continuous publication since 1983, and are the oldest bisexual+ women’s publication in the world, with an international readership.


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