“Woman 1. 12×16” acrylic piece by Jo-Anne Carlson

Jun 30, 2021 | 2018 Summer - Bodies

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From the Editor: Bodies

Dear Reader, The theme of this issue is “Bodies.” Body image. Gendered bodies. Bodies and health. Changing bodies. Bodies converging and merging. Bodies and attraction. Sexual bodies. This is an important topic for me, as my own bisexuality helped me learn to see the...

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The Wrong Kind of Bisexual

By Denarii Grace One of the myths about bi-plus identity and experience that I loathe the most is the belief that dating is easy for us and we’re constantly in the streets (and in the sheets) fucking. Not only does it erase the existence of asexual and aromantic...

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Body Hair, Don’t Care

By Stephanie Enyeart Growing up, it seemed perfectly natural that girls shaved their legs and armpits, but boys did not. When I was a kid, I eagerly anticipated learning how to use a razor, even becoming upset when my 16-month-younger sister ended up learning before I...

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