From the Editor: Bodies

Aug 1, 2018 | 2018 Summer - Bodies, Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

The theme of this issue is “Bodies.” Body image. Gendered bodies. Bodies and health. Changing bodies. Bodies converging and merging. Bodies and attraction. Sexual bodies.

This is an important topic for me, as my own bisexuality helped me learn to see the beauty in my own body. It was through my attractions to other women’s bodies that I was able to expand my own conception of attractiveness and see beauty in my own. I had internalized the idea that to be attractive you needed to look – well, sort of like Barbie – but the women I was attracted to came in a wide range of body types.

You will find in this issue essays by Denarii Grace, Stephanie Enyeart, Lila Hartelius, Kristen G., Elsa Williams, Theresa Tyree, and Karen Remaley; and poetry by Robin Renée, Sam R. Schmitt, Jane Barnes, C. Thompson, Beth Innis, Kaylia Metcalfe, Courtney Carola, Misea Denéa, and D’Arcy L.J. White; and artwork by Jo-Anne Carlson and WhyNotBothCo.

In addition, Around the World features Anne Müller of Hamburg, Germany and MB Austin interviews author RJ Samuel. And then there are our regular features: our Research Corner, Advice from A. Rose Bi, News Briefs, and our calendar of events.



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