Editor’s Note: More than One Letter

Jun 1, 2024 | 2024 Summer - More than One Letter, Editor's Note

This issue’s theme is “More than One Letter.” The prompt was: “‘B’ isn’t the only identity in our yummy alphabet soup. To those of you who identify as bi+ and also as asexual, trans, intersex, or anything else under the rainbow: tell us what it’s like to be you! We want to hear about how your identities intersect, what challenges you’ve faced, or what opportunities you’ve been given. And most importantly, we want to know what it would take to be able to bring your whole self comfortably and proudly into these bi+ spaces.” We hope you enjoy the wide variety of responses we received. 

On a separate note, I am delighted to announce that after a search process that yielded 40 applicants, BWQ has hired not one, but two new assistant editors: Avery Friend and Melissa Rorech. We will introduce them to you in the next issue. 

Special thanks to board member Marya Mtshali for coordinating the search. I honestly could not have done this without her. I am also grateful to Michelle Slater-Young, who has been working with us to make the layout process more efficient. Her expertise in InDesign has been much appreciated. 

I am very excited about the directions in which Bi Women Quarterly is growing. In addition to the growing array of talented contributors, we are expanding our volunteer base as well. 

-Here are a few ways to get involved:

Donate at BiWomenQuarterly.com/donate

Spread the word about our existence. Share our posts on social media. Tell your friends, co-workers, family members, and random strangers on the bus about this resource.

Submit your own writing or visual art for a future issue. 


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