War and Curls

Aug 1, 2010 | 2010 Summer - Bodies, Poetry

By Lividia I. Violette

It was made of naps that I couldn’t appreciate
Tangles and split ends.
Things I used to make it straight were actually weapons of coif destruction
Relaxers, texturizers, hot combs and flat irons
My tresses, like myself, were stressed but resilient
The suffering was too much yet, I persisted.
It was made of a texture that I didn’t know how to appreciate
Dry and unmanageable.
Fixated in its style but poofy at the slightest signs of moisture in the air
Humidity was the enemy and I ran from the water
Images of what I thought was acceptable were thrown away
It wasn’t long, straight, nor in the wind did it sway
I had to reevaluate my tactics
No more chemical warfare
I didn’t want to go bald, just wanted nice hair
Research-educating myself-was the best strategy
It is made of curls that I love to appreciate
Twists and spirals au naturalle
Learned to moisturize, play gently and to let it be itself
Dancing in the rain and laughing at humidity levels
Never again fooled by the “You’d look best like this” scam
I made peace with my locks and the curly-head that I am

Lividia is a 24-year-old activist from Arlington, Texas who rocks the mission of equality.

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