This Year’s Bi Institute Faculty

Jul 31, 2021 | 2012 Spring - Voices of Youth

See “Creating Change 2012” in this issue.

In this image: Chiquita Violette, Paul Nocera, Robyn Ochs, Amy Andre & Ellyn Ruthstrom, this year’s Bi Institute faculty.

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Dear Robyn! I work at an LGBT information and activity center in Estonia, Tallinn. A fellow activist of mine, Janika, who once heard you speak at a conference, recommended I write you. We would like to make Bi Women available for the visitors of our center. Janika...

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Train of Thought

By Anna Chase The train is hot and crowded. I find a seat next to an elderly white man in a black pea coat, cross my legs and place my brown leather purse on my lap. My phone vibrates against my thigh: a text from her. We’re at Central bar! Come find us. I notice the...

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