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Jul 15, 2021 | 2012 Spring - Voices of Youth

Dear Robyn!
I work at an LGBT information and activity center in Estonia, Tallinn. A fellow activist of mine, Janika, who once heard you speak at a conference, recommended I write you. We would like to make Bi Women available for the visitors of our center. Janika sent me two back issues of the magazine but I was wondering if it would be possible to also receive earlier issues and to subscribe to the ones coming out.
Bisexuality is very seldom discussed in our center and there is no visibility for bi people in the queer- community in Tallinn. I’m hoping to start with creating a welcoming environment for bi women in our center by having this material available for them.
All the best,
Hanna Kannelmäe (Tallinn, Estonia)

Editor’s Response: So good to hear from you. We’ve signed you up!

Hi Robyn & the Bi Women team,
Your fundraising email was perfectly timed for me. After the BBWN brunch on Sunday I was thinking of giving a small donation and then after I watched the Bisexual Resource Center video response to Molly’s YouTube video last night, it really hit me how important the work and presence of both BBWN and the BRC are. Thanks so very much for all that you do to make bi resources and community available! It means a lot to me and I know it does to lots of other people.
Laurie (Belmont, MA, USA)

To our readers: Send in a photo of yourself reading this new issue of Bi Women so we include it in a future issue of Bi Women or put it up on our website. Mail to: biwomeneditor@gmail.com. Thanks!

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