this queer love

Sep 1, 2023 | 2023 Fall - Bi+ Joy, Poetry

By Elizabeth Goldberg


i want to show him sweetness.
                men are forgotten,
                         he deserves my softness.

we are neutral in this bond: no masculinity, femininity, nor divinity, just simplistic —

“you are a beautiful person.”
            i let it slip from my lips,
                  kissing him without contact;
                                    collisions all over                           without an inch of my touch. 

the way he protects me is innocent, silky. 

i don’t need to talk
         (he knows),
but i just want to say

we are delicate and connected,
interlocking and satin.
the wind might take us away and we won’t even notice. 


not ever.


Elizabeth Goldberg is a fifth-year student at Boston University, majoring in English and Classical Civilization with a minor in Psychology. Elizabeth hopes to pursue poetry and psychology in their graduate schooling. 


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