See Me

Sep 1, 2021 | 2021 Fall - Bodies, Poetry

By Nomi Siegelman

I have a physical existence in this world
I am standing here on solid legs
That hold up a solid body
And a head with a mouth
For your attention
For your acceptance
Or at least
Your acknowledgement

I can feel my form when I touch it
I can see it when I look down
I can witness its reflection
When I gaze into the mirror
Yet somehow I possess
The unwanted power of

In P-town
One of the hearts of queerdom
I quested for a token
Of bi pride
Of bi representation
Found none
And rode away on a ferry
With empty hands and a broken heart

But I could still feel my heart beating
In my very real chest
And though my hands held nothing
I could still see them
With my very real eyes

I am standing right here
Solid and real and taking up space
Being who I am—
A bisexual woman
So just look at me
Even for a second
Just tell me
I am seen
Then go about your day

Nomi Siegelman is a writer, artist, and crafter in her late 30s. She lives in Worcester, Massachusetts, with her cat Lucy. She collects crystals and stuffies, and she loves animals, nature, imagination, and binging media with queer representation.


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