Religion and People

Jun 24, 2021 | 2019 Fall - Growing Older, Poetry

By Deborah Palmer

Sometimes I feel lost in the world;
like I don’t belong;
like if I tell them who I really am,
show them who I really am,
they’ll reject me and I’ll become the black sheep of the world.

They don’t understand that not everyone is going to agree with their ways,
agree with their teachings.
They continue to force their thoughts and beliefs down my throat,
hoping I’ll just take it and run;
hoping I’ll believe and be devoted as they are.
they don’t know we have a mind of our own,
I have a mind of my own.

Then there’s the matter of people
They say they are with you,
they say they’ll never leave you;
but the truth is the moment you show them who you are, they take advantage of you,
they leave because they claim you’re tainted.

They don’t realize that you’re still the same person you were months ago.

They don’t know that I’m still the same person even though they know my secret.

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