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Dec 2, 2021 | 2022 Winter - Traditions, News Briefs

Catching up on a couple of 2020 election results, two openly bisexual women were elected mayors of their respective cities in California. Sasha Renée Pérez (see photo at right, top) was elected in Alhambra, California as the youngest mayor (28 at the time) and the first person elected who was a renter in the city, not a homeowner. Christy Gilbert Holstege, 34, (see photo at right, bottom) was elected to the City Council of Palm Springs, California in 2017 and then became the mayor in 2020. Holstege has announced she is running for state assembly next year.

Late-breaking news from the LGBTQ Victory Fund indicates that there were at least 237 LGBTQ+ candidates on ballots across the country for November 2021 and that there will be at least 1000 LGBTQ+ office holders serving concurrently across the nation for the first time ever.

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