Marcia Deihl has an activist moment…

Jul 22, 2021 | 2010 Fall - Bi and Single

Marcia shared a letter with us that she sent to Bay Windows:

Dear Bay Windows:

Chris Azzopardi’s informative review of the film “The Kids Are All Right” made me even more eager to see it. But about halfway through, I sat bolt upright in my chair.

Here we have a film with two lesbians, one of whom apparently has sex with (I won’t say “falls in love with” but I would think it would involve mutual attraction) a man. The words “lesbian” and “gay” are used multiple times, but this relation- ship, regardness of the labels its lovers choose to use, is . . . oh, there’s a word somehwere that means non-binary, neither gay nor straight, or both gay and straight. Hmmmm . . . don’t tell me, it’s coming . . oh! I know! It’s right in your masthead. It’s “bisexual.” Yeah. BIsexual! What a nuanced word. I think I’ll use it when it fits. And so should Bay Windows.

Marcia Deihl
Co-Founder, Boston Bisexual Women’s Network

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