Marcia and Kit, then

Jul 31, 2021 | 2012 Summer - Then and Now

See the article “Now and Then” in this issue to learn more about Marcia and Kit.

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Then and Now

By Marcia Deihl THEN “And though we live separate, I keep two rooms open,And one has you in it and the other does not.And I move in the middle, unsure and protected,And trip on my rope, vaguely sensing I’m caught.” – Ferron, “Shadows on a Dime” A love affair. A...

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In The Womb

By Willa Simmet I don’t know what happened in the womb. Two eggs lying next to each other in mom’s strawberry-jam-like ovaries are shot with two meteorites of sperm. One egg receives the first shot and gets to pick whether to grow a penis or a vagina. The next egg...

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