Jul 16, 2021 | 2011 Summer - Faith and Spirit

Dear Bi Women,
We would like a print copy of your wonderful magazine. What is the cost to an LGBTQI Community Center?
~Sandy Vopalka, The CENTER, Des Moines, IA

Hi Sandy,
It is our policy to make print subscriptions of Bi Women available to centers and to youth groups free of charge. We do take donations (by Paypal to biwomenboston.org) but this is not a requirement. We’ll go ahead and modify your subscription so that you receive Bi Women in both print and electronic form.

Dear Bi Women,
That’s wonderful: Thanks so much! We will see how things go with these grants we are applying for. Last week we started a new program doing outreach to the LGBTQIA homeless, and things are moving forward. Many of the women are talking about feeling safe and bi issues that they were never able to talk about before. It’s really a great feeling watching, talking and listening to women who really feel safe.
We look forward to getting a hard copy of your wonderful mag. Thanks for all you do.

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