From your Editor: Faith and Spirit

Aug 1, 2011 | 2011 Summer - Faith and Spirit, Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

The theme of this issue is “Faith and Spirit.” Readers were asked, “What do you believe? What motivates and inspires you? How does the religion (if any) in which you were raised match with your current understanding of the world? In what way has your perspective changed? And how does all of this tie in with your sexual orientation?”

On the same day I began writing this editor’s note, I read of the U.S. Presbyterian Church’s announcement that it has voted to allow the ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender candidates for ministry. By this action, Presbyterians join a growing Protestant movement of religious traditions that have eliminated official barriers to leadership for LGBT people. Though unaffiliated with any religious institution, I am cheered that yet another obstacle has been removed for LGBT people of faith. We must continue to challenge this false “God v. Gays” dichotomy.

We present essays by Larraine Wilson, Chiquita Violette, Beth Kimbell and Daphne Kannelopoulos; poetry by Marcia Deihl, Lisa Bevevino, Casey Lyons, Diane Verrochi and Jo-Ann Carlson; a song by Hana Maris and another installment of Jess Wells’s “The See-Saw Family”; and artwork by Melissa Kulig and Jo-Anne Carlson.

Our “Bi Women Around the World” column features Polina Skibinskaya, a trinational bisexual woman. Johanna Bates gives us her perspective on Northampton Pride. Ellyn Ruthstrom reviews a book for GLBTQ teens and Debbie Block-Schwenk reviews a book about polyamory. Also in this issue we present news briefs, our calendar of events, and our “Ask Tiggy” advice column.

Enjoy this newsletter, and please consider adding your voice and/or your artwork to the next issue of Bi Women.


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