By Jo-Anne Carlson

Devil found me searching
For my heart’s desire
When I saw her smiling
My desire turned to fire
Oh, take me home, Oh take me home

Then the devil took my hand
And we sang our song
Into the depths of hell
I was feeling strong
On the way down, on the way down

I’m in hell, I’m in hell

She led me through the fire
Brimstone all around
Hot was her desire
And then I fell down
Into the fire, into the fire

We sat side by side
Lovers we became
Together we aspire
My heart’s all aflame
We are the same, we are the same

I’m in hell, I’m in hell

My skin is burning
My heart is learning
I can’t stop yearning
My fate is turning

Her kingdom she does reign
I knew I was blessed
To have her love
To be so possessed
I am obsessed, I am obsessed

I’m in hell, I’m in hell, I’m in hell

Jo-Anne is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, artist and poet. Her cd includes the song, “Hell,” from which she created this poem. You can listen to her song online at

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