“Gemini” by Joni Moore

Jul 31, 2021 | 2010 Summer - Bodies

See more of Joni Moore’s work and read about Joni in “About Joni Moore“, featured in this issue.

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From your Editor: Bodies

Dear Reader, For this issue, you were invited to talk about your bodies: Body image. Gendered bodies. Bodies and health. Changing bodies. Bodies converging and merging. Bodies as objects and/or subjects of attraction. Sexuality and the body. And you did. The...

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Do Clothes Make the Woman?

By Marcia Deihl Years before I came out, I dressed as a Marlene Dietrich sort of dyke for Halloween. I loved how I felt. Later, I wondered if anyone else had ever dressed up on Halloween as a future self. Wasn’t it just for fun? Didn’t most people just like being a...

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By Lara Zielinsky The hour rolled over. 3:59. 4:00. Four a.m. Cassidy’s eyes slowly rotated away from the digital clock’s red numbers, taking in the deep shadows of the rest of the room as she lay on her back. The desk lay outlined with its lamp stalk hunched over...

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