From Your Editor: When I Knew

Jul 15, 2021 | 2012 Winter- When I Knew, Editor's Note

Dearest Readers,

The theme of this Winter 2012 issue is “When I Knew.” Readers were asked: “When did you know you were bisexual (or queer, or pansexual, or fluid, or just definitely not straight)? Did you have an ‘aha!’ moment? Was there a pivotal event or conversation after which it all made sense? Or was yours a slow process of discovery? Do you feel that it’s all clear in your head now, or are you resting (or grappling) with the question?”

The varied titles of the pieces, which include (among others), “When I Knew,” “When I Didn’t Know” and “You Think You Know… But You Have No Idea,” point out the challenges to “knowing” itself, insofar as identity is concerned. On theme, we include essays by Jennifer Miracle, Andrea, Rae Fine and Holly Danyliw, and poems by Chiquita Violette and Sierra Baker. In addition, we are delighted to share with you the work of two ac- complished, out-and-proud bi-identified writers: a poem by Carole Spearin McCauley and another installation of Jess Wells’ “The See-Saw Family.” You’ll find photos from BBWN brunches and artwork by Dani S-K.

And then there is a new Bi Women Around the World interview with Israeli bi writer and activist Dana Peleg, our Ask Tiggy advice column, our Research Corner, Letters, a report about the Out & Equal Conference and, finally, our Calendar.

Enjoy this newsletter, and please consider adding your voice and/or artwork to the next issue of Bi Women. It’s a youth issue, so if you are 25 or under, we want to hear from you. Those who are older, send artwork, photos, graphics, letters and consider writing for the Summer 2012 issue, which will be themed “Then and Now,” in honor of the fact that BBWN and Bi Women are now in their 30th year of existence.

I present to you Bi Women, Volume 30, Number 1.

– Robyn

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