From your editor: Bi and Single

Jul 23, 2021 | 2010 Fall - Bi and Single, Editor's Note

The theme of this issue is “Bi and Single.” I’m pleased to say that submissions came pouring in! Jen Bonardi offers a bi perspective on dating sites. Fennel and Dillan DiGiovanni offer tips for single folks. Kanika Ameerah, Kitty Kavanagh and The B Word Poet offer personal perspectives on being single, and there’s even one by me. (No, I’m not single.)

And we have three articles about bi activism: Amy Andre writes about being the out bi Executive Director of San Francisco Pride; Apphia K. recounts her experiences as the first out bi speaker at Mumbai, India’s pride celebration; and Faith Cheltenham writes about representing the bi community as an invited guest at the White House. Katrina Chaves provides us with some more bi news, and Ellyn Ruthstrom lets us know about upcoming activities of interest to bi folks in and around Boston.

You will notice in the calendar that the Bisexual Resource Center and Bilicious are teaming up to bring us a very special Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23rd, and the next BBWN brunches will be on September 19th, October 17th and November 7th.

In addition to all this, we have poems by Morgan O’Donnell and Jay Ellers, and Marcia Diehl shares with us a letter she wrote to Bay Windows in response to their review of The Kids are All Right.

And last – but certainly not least – we have two fascinating interviews. For the “Bi Women Around the World” feature, I interview Australian bi activist Holly Hammond. And Ellyn Ruthstrom interviews Denise Garrow-Pruitt, an anchor of our Boston community.

Enjoy this newsletter, and please consider adding your voice and/or artwork to the next issue of Bi Women.

– Robyn

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