From Your Editor: What Happens Next? Pt. 1

Jul 9, 2021 | 2013 Spring - What Happens Next? Part 1, Editor's Note

The theme of the current issue is “What Happens Next” and focuses on the experiences of those who came to bi identity after having first identified as straight. Readers were asked, “So you’ve realized you’re attracted to women, too. What did you do next? Did you look for supportive community? Read books? Try to meet other women loving women? Seek out experience? See a counselor? Look for info on the Internet? Ask friends for advice? Tell us your story, or give advice to other women who might be in this situation now.” We received so many responses that we weren’t able to include all of them, and so we’ve decided to extend this topic to the next issue, which will include both those who come to bi from straight and also those who come to bi from a lesbian identity.

In this issue you’ll find pieces by Kate Estrop, Kristine Meshak, Kitty Kavanaugh, Katrina Chaves, Angel Vail, Chiquita Violette, Laura Berol, Claire Louise Swinford, Amanda Townsell, and Janet W. Hardy. I just wish I’d had access to this issue when I was first coming out as bi, because I had NO idea how to proceed!

And of course, you’ll find Ask Tiggy, News Briefs, Letters and our calendar of events for women in the greater Boston area. Faith Cheltenham tells us about the Creating Change Conference, and Martina Robinson reviews a new book of poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman. Our Around the World feature will resume in our next issue.


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