From Your Editor: Mixed Marriages

Jul 9, 2021 | 2013 Winter - Mixed Marriages, Editor's Note

The theme of the current issue is “Mixed Marriages.” All relationships are arguably mixed marriages. Few of us have a partner with whom we share all aspects of identity: sex, gender, race or ethnicity, age, family background, religion, economic status, politics, interests, goals.

Responses came pouring in! Writers Laura Berol, Susanna Brent, Debbie Block-Schwenk, Francesca Fortunato, Denise Garrow-Pruitt, Rebecca Penzias and Eboni G. Rafus share stories covering intersections of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Betti Schleyer, PhD, has created—for us—a guide to affirming resources for those in mixed-orientation marriages.

Special to this issue is a report-back from a special event for emerging LGBT leaders held at Vice President Biden’s home and a summary of bi representation on television from a new publication recently issued by GLAAD: “Where We Are on TV Report: 2012-2013 Season.” I’m guessing I’m not the only bi woman out there with a crush on The Good Wife’s character Kalinda Scharma (acted by Archie Panjabi). There’s also a reading list generated at September’s book swap brunch.

And of course, you’ll find our usual features: Around the World, with a short story written by Carol, a bi-identified woman living in Zimbabwe; Ask Tiggy; News Briefs; Letters; and our calendar of events for women in the greater Boston area.



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