From Your Editor: The Bi *Trans* Connection

Jul 9, 2021 | 2014 Winter - The Bi *Trans* Connection, Editor's Note

The theme of this issue of Bi Women is “The Bi*-Trans* Connection.” I’ll begin by explaining why “bi*” and “trans*,” rather than “bi” and “trans”: These terms reference the constellation of identities that people use to describe, respectively, non-binary sexual orientation and gender identities. There are so many different terms in use to describe the spaces between and outside of gay/ straight, man/woman and male/female, and bi* and trans* refer to all of these terms. And why this theme? I have long seen a connection between bi* and trans* communities. Our existence disrupts binaries. We are often omitted or excluded from LGBT discourse and spaces. Our legitimacy and very existence is too often disputed. Some of us are both bi* and trans*. And we have the potential to be powerful allies to one another. I have been proud of the moments when we have created alliances and I want to strengthen these alliances and move the conversation forward.

You will find in these pages essays, poems and creative writing by Jane Barnes, Vanessa Brown, Sam Schmitt, Rev. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato, Angélique Gravely, Jen Miracle, Sarah, Selena Quiros, Robyn Walters, Laurie Wolfe and the work of photographer Jess Dugan.

The “Around the World” feature is back, with an interview with Sally Goldner from Melbourne, Australia. There are reports on the first bi issues roundtable meeting at the White House and of the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. Jennie R. reviews The B Word. Pauline Park talks about the history of bi* and trans* inclusion in NYC.

And finally, there’s Ask Tiggy, News Briefs and a rich calendar of events.

I hope you enjoy this issue.


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