From the Editors: Toy Stories

Jul 8, 2021 | 2015 Summer - Toy Stories, Editor's Note

Ellyn: Most of us probably grew up with good feelings about toys. As children, we are often encouraged to play and be creative and learn how to “play well with others.” Thankfully, some of us take that same sense of fun into our adult lives and into playing with our sex toys.

Robyn threw out the playful issue theme of “Toy Stories” at a BBWN brunch, which sparked a really fun conversation and sharing of resources. Heron and I asked Robyn if we could co-edit this issue and we immediately started brainstorming what we’d love to see included. Once the call for writing went out, we waited to see how people would respond and we could not be happier with the range of things writers submitted.

We thank all of the writers in this issue who’ve shared personal stories about their own exploration, discovery, satisfaction, disappointment, empowerment and hilarity while playing with their toys. It may be noticeable that not all of the writers wanted to include their full names or their real names, but we think whatever it takes to feel comfortable sharing this information is fine by us. We hope the issue encourages you all to partake in some playtime soon!

Heron: I was so excited to help out on this issue. Sex toys have long been vital to women’s sexuality. They afford us the freedom and space to learn about our sexuality and to be in control of our own pleasure. I hope you all enjoy this issue

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