From the Editor: Intersections

Feb 1, 2011 | 2011 Winter - Intersections, Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

The theme of this issue is “Intersections.” Readers were invited to discuss intersectionality—how our various identities (race, age, gender, class, cultural background, etc.) affect one another and shape our varied and unique experiences.

I am pleased to report that submissions came pouring in!

This issue includes three essays on this theme: From Atlanta, 26-year-old Dari writes from the perspective of a Black, Christian, bisexual professional. From Toronto, 24-year-old Sarah Volumnia Fox writes about being bi and polyamorous. And from Hawaii, 73-year-old Robyn Walters discusses numerous intersections in her life. We include poems by Jan Steckel and Jane Barnes, two poets who have been published previously in Bi Women.

And I am delighted to introduce you to the work of Jess Wells, a writer I have long admired who has shared with us a nine-part story about her journey from a lesbian to a bi identity and her experiences as a parent. The first of these is included in this issue, and the rest will appear in future issues. We hope you enjoy our extensive coverage of the recent 10th International Conference on Bisexuality which took place late August in London. Ellyn Ruthstrom, Heidi Bruins Green, Vicky Rosa, Shiri Eisner and Steph Miserlis offer varied and interesting perspectives on their experiences at this conference, and Robyn and Ellyn’s photos provide a visual record.

Two book reviews, our ubiquitous calendar and a Bi Women Around the World interview with Elena Marcos from Alcalá de Henares round out the issue. Enjoy this newsletter, and please consider adding your voice and/or artwork to the next issue of Bi Women.


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