From the Editor: Children in Our Lives

Jan 1, 2009 | 2009 Winter - Children in Our Lives, Editor's Note

I am so swamped between work, school, and parenting that I never got around to writing something. I really did want to – but life gets away from me sometimes.

— Nora

Dear Reader,

I received several emails similar to this from women who had intended to write something. Several others, when asked to write, responded, “Great topic, but I’m just too busy. I do intend to find time to read the newsletter though!”

Since the theme of this issue is “Children in Our Lives,” I wasn’t too surprised.

But luckily several women were able to find time to write. And what a packed issue this is! In addition to several excellent essays on this issue’s theme, we off er various other features, including a recap of the November elections; a report from the APA conference; and an interview with Myriam Brito, a leader in the Mexican bi movement.

Remember: this is your forum. Please write in. Tell us about your life. Share your stories. We welcome poetry; short fiction; book, film, art and performance reviews; interviews; letters to the editor; artwork, and more. Our email address is

Finally, if you can afford to help out, we could use your financial support. We send newsletters to community centers, youth and college groups. We give out newsletters at events. We have a policy of sending Bi Women to any woman who wants it, regardless of her ability to pay. And it costs quite a bit to do all of this. You can support bi visibility by sending us a donation, or simply by becoming a paid subscriber.

Bi for now,


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