Editor’s Note: Bi+ Joy

Sep 1, 2023 | 2023 Fall - Bi+ Joy, Editor's Note

Most of the public discussion about bisexuality and other bi+ identities focuses on the vast ocean of negative stereotypes about us or on the health disparities that we experience due to the ongoing stress of holding a bi+ identity in unsupportive environments. But identifying as bi+ also has its bright side. It can also bring us joy.

Thus, the focus of this issue is “Bi+ Joy.” Readers were asked: “What experiences make you feel euphoric and affirmed in your bi+ identity? How has community belonging (or the struggle to find belonging) influenced your journey? How does your bi+ joy intersect with your other identities? Review books, shows, and other media that have wowed you.”

We hope this issue brings you joy.

 ~Robyn Ochs


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