Editor’s Note

May 31, 2022 | 2022 Summer - Pop Culture, Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

The theme of this issue is “Pop Culture.” We received submissions covering a wide range of related topics, reflecting the expansive terrain covered by this theme: music, television and streaming shows, zines, films and actors, books, social media, gaming, comics, and podcasts. Inside this issue, you will also find beautiful artwork, poetry, our Research Corner, and an interview with the organizers of Frente Bissexual Brasileira.

And now a bit of “housekeeping”:

We don’t ask often, but we’re asking today: please consider supporting our work. Info about how to donate is on our website, at BiWomenQuarterly.com. If you donate during the month of June, please consider doing so via Give Out Day. We are participating for the first time in this annual drive, and it would be helpful to bring in some donations. People browsing the site are more likely to donate to an organization when they see that others support it—your support is a form of endorsement.

We are always looking for folks interested in writing for us, submitting visual artwork, and/or proofreading.  The theme of the next issue is “Parenting While Bi+.” Do you have something to say on this subject? Message me at BiWomenEditor@gmail.com to be added to my private lists of content contributors and proofers.

And finally, it’s noteworthy that we are about to begin our 41st year of continuous publication. I have been involved since our start in 1983 and I have served as editor since 2009. I can attest that we are still alive and thriving because of a dedicated crew of volunteers and interns, and because of readers like you.

Thank you,

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