Category: 2016 Spring – Out at Work (or Not)

Out at Work

By Deb Morley I once heard someone say that if you never go into the closet then you never have to come out to anyone. I really like this philosophy as it encourages me to be genuine in my relationships and avoid those...

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By Sue I am out at work. When I talk about my identity, I phrase it: “I date all genders; gender is not a deciding factor for me.” I try not to use a specific term such as “bisexual” because using the term causes people to bring...

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By Flash Gorski I was NOT out at work. People only knew I’d been married to a man. One day, three female colleagues were leafing through a Vogue magazine. They stopped at a picture of a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a ball gown....

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Out. As Something.

By Mitsy I think people know me as gay, perhaps queer, but not readily as bisexual. I have used “bisexual” to self-identify, but my female partner is known to the staff and I don’t think they necessarily make the distinction of...

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