Bisexual Health Awareness Month Highlights Social Health Issues

Jul 3, 2021 | 2017 Spring - Bi+ Creativity

The Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) will celebrate Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM) in March for the fourth consecutive year with the launch of a national social media campaign. BHAM aims to raise awareness of health disparities within the bi+ community and promote resources and action. This year, the campaign focuses on social health disparities and steps to build social support and resiliency. The campaign will run on the BRC’s Twitter @BRC_Central (using #BiHealthMonth and #BHAM17), Facebook, Tumblr, blog, and campaign website. The BRC invites individuals and organizations to participate in the campaign online and within their own communities.

Throughout the month, the BRC will partner with various LGBTQ+ organizations, including the BiCast, BiNetUSA, Bi Tennessee, COLAGE, GLSEN, the Movement Advancement Project, the National Coalition for LGBT Health, and Vanderbilt’s Program for LGBTI Health to feature statistics, resources, and action across various spheres of social health:

*March 1-3: Background information on social health
*March 6-10: (Friends) Social/geographic isolation, finding bi+ community, volunteer opportunities in bi+ organizations
*March 13-17: (Family) Chosen family vs. family of origin, coming out to family, resources for family of bi+ folk
*March 20-24: (Partners) Mixed-orientation relationships, characteristics of healthy relationships, bi-specific resources for healthcare providers
*March 27-30: (Community) Showcasing bi+ experiences of community relationships, resources to improve bi+ competency in schools, workplaces, healthcare settings, etc.

“Now, more than ever, communities need to come together to offer support, stand up to injustice, and plan our continued efforts to survive and thrive,” said BRC Co-Presidents Heather Benjamin and Kate Estrop in a joint statement. “This year’s Bisexual Health Awareness Month, focusing on the social health of the bi+ community, will help followers do just that.”

For more information, visit the BHAM campaign website:

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