When Holly met Cindy…and James

Feb 1, 2012 | 2012 Winter- When I Knew, Articles

By Holly Lynn Danyliw

When did I know I was bisexual?  Good question, but for me, knowing I was bisexual and accepting it are two very different stories…   

I think from a very early age, I ‘knew’ I was attracted to girls.  I had crushes on them as far back as fourth grade.  Often, I would have a crush on a girl and she would have a crush on a boy and I would look the boy up and down and say to myself, “what does he have that I don’t have?”  Of course, NOW I know ‘what,’ but at that time I couldn’t see the difference… I was competing for the love of the very same girl. Her name was Cindy and his was James.   

The big leap toward acceptance came in 1989 when I attended my first Bi Conference at Harvard University. I was so thrilled to be amongst people who were attracted to both genders. (yes…yes…you mean you like both… wonderful. Vanilla and Chocolate)

This experience snowballed into many more experiences that led me to become a bisexual activist in Hartford, CT and with BiNet USA.  

Those were very exciting years for me as a bisexual woman.  But mostly, it was just so  exciting to accept who I really am.  A woman who loves and has loved both genders of beautiful and dynamic people most of her life.  

The Cindys and Jameses of the world… 

Holly is a bisexual woman happily living in her home state of Connecticut. She is a retired bisexual activist veteran.

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