what i want

Jun 27, 2021 | 2018 Winter - What I Want, Poetry

By Courtney Carola

i want
to be accepted
for who i am
to be understood
or at least respected
i want
to not live in fear
of just being me
to not have to justify myself
to everyone who comes near
i want
to see others like me
on tv or in books
to see others like me
living a life so happy
i want
the next generation
to have everything i didn’t
to live a life without hate
without abuse or deprecation
i want
a change
or at least for things to improve
so that being queer
won’t be seen as so strange

By day, Courtney Carola is a 23-year-old college student, high school librarian, and indie author. By night, she fights against bi erasure and for bi visibility.

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