This spring we welcome two new interns to the BWQ team. They bring unique strengths to BWQ and will focus on social media management and community outreach. 

Xin Yi (she/her) is a medical student, writer, and an LGBTQ+ activist and mental health advocate who runs @writingontherainbow on Instagram. An aroace lesbian living in an Asian country where people like her are criminalized and frowned upon, she aspires to change that by actively involving herself in various advocacy efforts. 

Xin Yi also aims to uplift the voices of LGBTQ+ youth through her writing and by educating the public via her Instagram account. Through her writing, she transforms the emotions that are often too complicated for her to comprehend into cathartic prose and the occasional poetry. She is currently working on a few projects which she will hopefully publish in the future alongside her work that has been previously featured in Archer Magazine and The Bitchin’ Kitsch.

By working with BWQ, Xin Yi hopes to further expand her impact and pave a way for the LGBTQ+ community to co-exist and thrive both in her country and internationally. It is her dream to be part of the creation of a better and fairer world where everyone, regardless of their identities, would be embraced and loved, just like they deserve to be all along.

Kaliisha Cole (she/her) lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She is a graduating senior at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell majoring in English with a creative writing concentration. She owns nearly a thousand books, primarily Young Adult novels, that she promotes and reviews on her Bookstagram page under the name of Kali’s Bookish Rambles. In the future, she aspires to work as a publicist for Children’s and YA books.

As a proud biracial and proud bisexual woman, she feels fortunate to be a part of the Bi Women Quarterly team. Her position as a Social Media Intern allows her to expand her creativity and learn more about advocacy for the bi+ community. She hopes to share the importance of not just our BWQ writers’ and artists’ stories, but those from all over the world.

We look forward to the ways BWQ will grow with the help of Kaliisha and Xin Yi. Welcome to the team!

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