Wednesday Afternoon

Aug 1, 2018 | 2018 Summer - Bodies, Poetry

By Robin Renée

I give you my G-spot
You give me slick fingers
I give you garbled shouts,
sex beyond syntax
The two of us a blur
of cocks, pussy, paddles, straps
Your P-spot wants
what I want

inside each other, no lines
No lies, a gender playground bounce
and slide
You wear the fishnets
We kiss lavender lipstick
We give praises
in bodies, breath, coming.
Clinging, we rest.
Curled up cats
in the Kundalini sun.

Robin Renée is a recording artist, writer, activist, and a member of the bi and poly communities. Robin’s recordings include In Progress, All Six Senses, Live Devotion, spirit., This., and All I Am

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