Virus Time

Mar 2, 2022 | 2022 Spring - Bi+ Health

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Carol E Moses is a visual artist living in Massachusetts. Moses does painting, drawing, and portrait photography/interview series. Find Carol online at

you know, I feel like I'm always writing about 
what I'm sick of, what I hate, what's bugging me.
Well, good grief -- here I am again, and I am 
major sick of this effing pandemic. Go
somewhere and die, virus.  Even tho I know
"it's not alive". UGH. I am so sick of caring
about the virus. Also I feel like I should not
complain, because I'm not even that bad off.
I feel like I'd better not let myself cry,
because it's still going to go on for a really 
long time.  What a truly truly weird thing
to happen now, in our modern lifetime.
So much is really wrong in the world, so
many wars, terrible poverty, cruelty 
from one sector to another .
And now this.  Creepy, freaky, un-understandable
weird bad-movie-like horrid global crazy
situation. Also, it's another one of those
situations where, unlike past disasters, we
have an insane amount of news and details
available to worry over. Also, so much suffering 
on every side. Why is this happening?
Why not? Why did we feel entitled to 
have our lives, think our thoughts, make
our plans?  I don't know.  Where will it end?
What the things will come? I don't know.
We are living in watchful waiting.  Be careful.
Be kind.  Take it easy. Good Luck.  --Apr 2020

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