Two Poems by Jane Barnes

Feb 1, 2011 | 2011 Winter - Intersections, Articles, Poetry


Shakespeare that’s who but he shouldn’t have gone
around flaunting it with those poems we don’t have
time to figure out all those pronouns so OK men had to

play women at the Globe the real ones were home
dying of childbirth maybe it was just a little playing
around (you know artists) or a phase or something

probably they didn’t call it that probably didn’t call it
anything there weren’t even any bi clubs in London yet
for him to join


young sometimes shy no beard
soft spoken fierce with ideas
some would say like a boy
he eats books all day long and sings

so sweetly some say he’s girlish being so
blond enlightened fist rarely
shook in front of anybody’s face
though my boyfriend could

eat your heart and spit out
the tough parts (if she wanted to)

Jane is a poet who lives in New York City and has taught English at NYU and at CUNY. One of her poems appears in the Getting Bi anthology.

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