Traveling with Your Toys

Jul 8, 2021 | 2015 Summer - Toy Stories

By Anonymous Traveler

Are you ready to turn down the volume on your stress, and turn up the volume on pleasure in your life?  So you know self-pleasure is good for you, whether you are with yourself, or with a partner.  What about if you want to take your pleasure on the road? How can you confidently travel with the toys you have chosen? For those looking to avoid embarrassment, here are some suggestions for travelers.

The simplest way to avoid mishaps in the security line is to pack items you want to keep private in your checked luggage, though there’s no guarantee that “your companion” won’t disappear from your suitcase. If you pack it in your carry-on, baggage screeners may stop you to confirm what it is. Travel light and, if you have to use a carry-on, make sure to pack small equipment. Also remember, the three-ounce liquids rule also applies to lubricants.

Travel Tips for Toy Transit

Remove the batteries to prevent a sex toy from accidentally turning on during transit. Place your batteries in a plastic bag and store them separately. If you’re traveling with a rechargeable vibrating toy, or one with a battery that can’t be removed, check if it has a lock feature. This will prevent it from turning on, even if its buttons are accidentally pressed.

Rather than let a sex toy roam freely in your carry-on or luggage, pack it in a carrying case or plastic bag and place it between layers of clothing. And, if your bag does get searched, you don’t want a customs officer handling your toys, so pack them in clear plastic bags. If an airport security agent asks you what’s in your bag or has you explain an item on the x-ray display; tell it to them straight. This will save you being pulled aside for further questioning and perhaps avoid them having to go through your bag. NSA screeners handle thousands of articles every day; your sex toy won’t even qualify as break room gossip.

Sex toys aren’t accepted in every country. Some countries and regions have bans on your little buzzing buddy, like India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia — even some American states. Google it before you risk having it confiscated on your travels.

Traveling with your toys should be fuss-free, and when you reach your final destination, they can help you feel relaxed and comforted in a new place. Happy travels!


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