This Bird on My Back

Sep 1, 2021 | 2021 Fall - Bodies, Poetry

By Emilyn Kowaleski

If someone would have told me years ago
that I was staring at the girl in college
with the raven tattooed across her back
because, perhaps, I wanted her
And less perhaps,
because I wanted to be her
I might not have this blue heron
etched on my own shoulder blade.
Now baked in red from marching in today’s sun.
And I cherish this bird on my back
It reminds me of the beauty of existing
in an ever-shifting relationship with the truth of my own being.

Emilyn Kowaleski is a queer feminist writer, director, and facilitator working towards collective healing, transformation, and liberation. A theater-maker by training, Emilyn writes in a blend of disciplines including plays, performance pieces, poetry, essays, and articles.

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Editor’s Note

Dear Community, The prompt for this issue was: “bodies—our own bodies, our embodied connections, body image, gendered bodies, health and (dis)ability, socially distanced bodies, virtual bodies, changing bodies, attraction, and sexuality. Share your reflections on...

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