The Bisexual National Anthem

Aug 1, 2011 | 2011 Summer - Faith and Spirit, Articles

By Hana Maris

(sung to the tune of, hmm,
oh yeah, “America the Beautiful”)

Oh beautiful for open mind
And opportunity
A spirit wide and soaring high
Past limits, we can see
Bisexual! Bisexual!
I am proud to be!
A joyous way
To live each day
We’re whole, balanced, and free

Oh beautiful for willing heart
To love the whole wide world
Of god and earth, we are a part
Our wonder stands unfurled
Bisexual! Bisexual!
We are a vision true
Our spirit flows
From head to toes
Our courage builds anew

Oh beautiful for faithful soul
When we are most unseen
We dig deep in our guts, quite bold
And stand tall by the dream
Bisexual! Bisexual!
May we decide our fate
Create our lives
Eyes open wide
Beyond judgment and hate

My bisexuality is my sky blue wide way of walking the earth. It is part of my knowing that I am no more valuable than the manatee getting cut by a boat propeller or the cedar tree growing in my backyard. It is loving what is, who’s here, womanmanflowerbugcloudfriendenemygoddesswonderdepressionfear.

It blows my mind that we bi-identified people seem so few, when I feel we are so many. We are everywhere, even though, perhaps, we don’t know it.

Hana is a spiritual retreat leader, wilderness guide, singer/songwriter, activist, radical feminist, Unitarian Universalist Religious Education Director, and single mom of two teens. She can be found online at, or on YouTube under “hanaheron.”

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